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  第11课 课文3难点

Text Translation

Li is telling Lin the benefits of reading

Lin: How come there are books everywhere in your living room? Are they all books you like to read?

Li: Of course, I read everyday. Whether it's average magazines or famous novels, if you just open them, you’ll find there are so many interesting things in this world, so many different lives.

Lin: You are so busy with work, I never thought that you could still persist and read everyday.

Li: If you spend 3 minutes reading a page, you can read 10 pages in half an hour. If you spend half an hour everyday, in a month you can read 300 pages – and that’s about a book.

Lin: Yeah, a person who truly loves to read can always find time for it.

Li: Keep reading can not only help you gain knowledge, it can also reduce your stress, and you will become more relaxed.①


① 起来 (“up”) describes a quick change. You’ll learn that in grammar 4.20.4.