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  第11课 课文1难点


  • 做到 to accomplish
  • 提高 to elevate, to improve


Note: Some texts don't have a lot of difficult points, so we just provide a simple text blurb like the one above. But if the difficult points deserve more attention, we made videos for them as you will see in later lessons/texts.

Text Translation

Mark shows his method of learning Chinese

David: You’re In China for only a year, and you speak Chinese so well! That is awesome!

Mark: Thanks! Actually my grammar isn’t very great, so I don't speak a lot of sentences very accurately.

David: But I see that you have no problem when you communicate with Chinese people. How do you do it?

Mark: Usually [I try and] make more Chinese friends and chat with them, so naturally my listening and speaking ability saw great improvement. Additionally, I suggest that you keep reading Chinese newspapers. This way you can learn a lot of new words.

David: You are too awesome! You can even understand Chinese newspaper!

Mark: It’s a lot of hard at the beginning, but whenever you see a word that you do not know, you can look it up in a dictionary and write it down in a notebook. And whenever you have time, take it out and review them. Gradually you will discover that even Chinese newspapers do not present too much difficulty.