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  第16课 课文1难点


  • 取得了联系:established contact, got in touch. “取得”就是取、得到的意思。
  • 办签证:apply for visa. “办”的意思是“做”(比如“办公室”就是做工作的地方)。“办”签证,就是把材料交给大使馆,申请签证。


Text Translation

Yu has problems with studying abroad

Yu: You're about to graduate from your master studies, right? What plans do you have for the future?

Xia: I'm thinking of going abroad to study for doctor’s degree, and I have been preparing for Visa application material.

Yu: So how's the preparation coming?

Xia: I already prepared my transcript and passport. Additionally, I got into touch with the universities abroad, and filled out application forms.

Yu: You should still have the invitation letters from the university overseas, right? Did they fax it to you?

Xia: No. I will go to the consulate to apply for a visa next week! What am I supposed to do now?

Yu: This is a big problem! I'm not sure either. I'll help you look for the telephone number of the school, you can call and ask.