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  第16课 课文2难点



Text Translation

Manager Wang is telling Li Jin his success stories

Li Jin: Thank you for taking me on a tour of your company. I was very excited during a tour, and I always wanted to ask you one question.

Manager Wang: Sure! Young man, let's chat while we eat some watermelons.

Li Jin: You started working right after university graduation, And it's only been 10 years since then. How come you made so much money for the company? This surprises me a lot. I want to learn from your experience on how to attain success.

Manager Wang: This question was posed to me by a journalist once before. When we do business we encounter all kinds of stress and difficulties, but everyone has the same opportunities. Look, here we have three pieces of watermelon of different sizes. Let's say the sizes represent amounts of money. If we both start to eat [at the same time], which piece would you pick first?

Li Jin: Of course I'll pick the biggest one. Are you telling me that you want to eat smallest and give up the opportunity to eat the big piece?

Manager Wang: I would take the smallest piece first, because by the time you finish that big piece, I will have time to eat one more. And in the end I'll eat more than you do. Now that you heard that, probably you already know my answer to your question by now.